• New York Times

    An Island Vineyard, the Hard Way

    “It may be among the world’s most challenging vineyards, with salty soil and over-the-top costs for transporting the grapes to the winery. Then there are the predators: crickets and yellow jackets and deer and bison. And disease, like the powdery mildew that once forced each cluster of chardonnay grapes to be washed by hand. But the worst is the wind: sea breezes that forced the vines to be covered in plastic sheets so potential grapes didn’t blow off. This is the dream vineyard of Geoff Rusack, a Santa Monica, Calif., aviation lawyer turned Santa Ynez Valley vintner, who imported the zinfandel vines of a dreamer before him to grow grapes on Santa Catalina Island, 22 miles off Los Angeles’s coast." Read the full article here.

  • Los Angeles Times

    Toasting a new venture on Catalina

    A Wrigley descendant and her husband have launched a winemaking enterprise using grapes from their vineyard in the island's backcountry. They plan to refurbish the family ranch, adding a wine-tasting room and offering buggy rides to picnic areas. Read the full article here.

  • Santa Barbara News-Press

    Island Vintage

    After much buzz and speculation among vintners in the know, their debut release — an island grown chardonnay, pinot noir and zinfandel from the 2009 vintage — is months away... Read the full article here.

  • Santa Barbara News-Press

    Island in a bottle: Rusack to release first Catalina wines

    When Alison Wrigley Rusack and her husband, Geoff, planted the first-ever vineyards on Santa Catalina Island four years ago, it was a lot like planting grapes in their own backyard... Read the full article here.

  • Santa Barbara Independent

    California’s Island Winery, Reborn

    After crashing through dry stalks of fennel, gingerly stepping over clumps of poison oak, and dodging branches of lemonade berry, Geoff Rusack crouched beneath a canopy of scrub oak, looked toward the sky, and pointed at a leafy green vine clinging to the top of a willow tree. Read the full article here.

  • Island Terroir

    Wines Emerge From Catalina Island

    The Santa Catalina Island Vineyards portfolio includes a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It also features a Zinfandel that originated from a few hardy vines still alive on Catalina’s sister island of Santa Cruz... Read the full article here.

  • Wine Spectator

    Catalina Island Gets its First Vineyard

    Catalina Island, a popular summer vacation destination some 20 miles from Los Angeles, has its first vineyard: El Rancho Escondido. With a little luck, wine will be produced there in three years. Read the full article here.